7 tips for flying with a child









Our last trip was one for the memory book; 12 days packed with fun and adventure. California was good to us as always, blessing us with the beautiful sunshine and awesome shopping (yay). We ventured off to Las Vegas for two nights and down to the coast for one night in LA where we spent a day at Disneyland. Were we busy? That’s an understatement but that’s how we like to vacation.

I decided to do something different and do a post on traveling with a little one. To put it bluntly, flying with a child has proven to be challenging to say the least. Since Victoria has been born we have been down to California every 3 months. Our daughter is a go-go-go child so you can imagine how sitting in a tiny airplane seat with a seat belt on goes. One word, interesting. I watch other families with their patient child sitting on their lap casually as they relax and laugh, seems delightful, however; this has never been our experience. I was the Mom walking up and down the aisles with V when she was a baby, than following her down the aisle when she learned to crawled now I chase her up and down the aisle trying to stop her from running (lol). Each developmental stage has it’s pros and cons but these travelling tips are useful for all childhood stages.

7 Tips for traveling with a child:

  1. Bring lots of snacks. This seems simple, but airports and traveling can be anxiety provoking even for the most seasoned travelers. Bring enough snacks for the whole day, better to have too much than not enough. Airport food is EXPENSIVE and the reality is flights get delayed. The last thing you want is a hungry child (or parent).
  2. Be prepared. Make sure items like: extra clothes, wipes and advil are handy. Spills, fevers and runny noses all go hand and hand with kids. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used our Advil when traveling.
  3. Bring entertainment. Most airports have free wifi and there’s loads of downloadable movies available, it’s a great distraction. V loves playdoo, it keeps her entertained for well 20 minutes (lol). Every child is different, bring something your child loves, new dollar store toys are always another great cheap option.
  4. Avoid bringing liquids through security if possible. When travelling with a child you are able to carryon juice or bottles but keep in mind all fluids will be tested. I prefer to just spend the money in the airport and save the hassle. When Victoria was still taking bottles, her formula tested positive for explosives. The bottle was cessed, they searching and tested all of our bags, it was a huge unnecessary headache. Lesson learnt.
  5. Save time and don’t check bags. We use check bags everytime we travelled, but it’s such a time waster. You’d be surprised how much stuff you can cram into a carryon bag and your personal item.
  6. Download bording pass to your phone. I still can’t believe how many people print there boarding passes! Surprises me every time. Most airlines have an app and boarding passes can be downloaded to your phone, this way they are easily accessible and one last thing to lose.
  7. Finally, keep it fun for them. Let them push their own suit case, get them excited about your destination and use their little imaginations to make the flight seem magical!

Wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone for all the positive comments and love lately. I really appreciate everyones support and kind words. Please remember to follow my blog and never miss a post.

Have hump day

XO Shei Shei

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