5 great ways to style to a duster

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Now that Coachella is over, is everyone duster obsessed all over again? I know I am. The festival is known for its boho fashion style and dusters seem to be a staple in the attending fashion influencer’s closets. These long sweaters have been around for many seasons and are still going strong today! Not only is the floor length cardigan totally fashion forward, it’s also super fun to wear! There’s something so chic and poise about a garment skimming the ground and circulating in the wind all around you, it’s pretty magical! (he!he! I currently live in toddler fairytail land).

How to style a duster:

  1. Keep it simple. A duster really adds depth to an outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit simiple and let the duster speak your style. The all black look is always sleek and easy to wear, paired with some strappy ankle hugging heels and your right on trend.
  2. Keep it trendy. The latest duster craze: pairing the long sweater with a fun 90’s logo tee, some high-waisted ripped denim and flatform sneakers (oohhh.. so on point and fun)!
  3. Keep it casual. Looking for a the laidback outfit? Dusters look amazing with: a white tee, sneaker and leather or suede cap.
  4. Feeling like trying something new, and a little daring? Overalls are back and dusters sure do compliment them well! Dress em up with a pair of pumps or keep it chill with runners and a tee.
  5. Finally, already dreaming about summer and planning your wardrobe? Dusters go with almost all the hot weather wear: shorts, bathing suits, rompers; you name it, they are a good team player!!

Happy Weekend friends, life has been busy these last few weeks, heading of to California Monday, be sure to watch for my up coming post on traveling with toddlers.

Xo Shei Shei

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