3 tips for wearing bell sleeves

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With Easter under our belts, it really feels like Spring. Time to bring on: the pompoms, wedges and sleeve accents. Anyone else totally in love with the sleeve craze? I know I am. I missed the 70’s, so reliving the styles is always fun. Bell shaped sleeves are probably my favorite look. Not only do they add: the perfect flair, style and totally chic vibe, they are also so fun to wear. This lace pastel rose shirt is totally feminine. The pink lace, a tight fit and off the shoulder cut, screams girly-girl if I ever did say so.

3 tips for wearing bell sleeves:

  1. Pair it with your favorite coat. If your sleeves are long enough to peak out of your coat cuffs, let them show! I’m totally crushing on this look.
  2. Pick light weight fabric. I made the mistake of purchasing a top with stiff material and found it challenging to wear, as the sleeves were always in the way. Pick light weight fabrics like: lace, mesh or cotton. These will make it easier for everyday wear.
  3. Keep the rest of your outfit tame. I think sleeve accents look best with tighter clothes and pieces that don’t draw attention away from your sleeves!

How are you staying on trend? Leave me a comment, would love to hear from you.

One step away from the weekend! Happy Friyay!

XO Shei Shei

PS: Hope Everyone had a fabulous Easter. All my clothes are a bit tight from all the yummy treats but worth every bit of snugness 🙂 Every season is bringing more and more magic to our house as Victoria’s imagination is blossoming and she is learning the Easter bunny is more than a giant furry friend; he brings treats and presents too! (yay!) Even the smallest gift from him got her jumping up and down with excitement all over her face. These moments are truly the best feeling! Happy weekend friends.



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