Sheer Crazy


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Sheer fabrics are everywhere right now. Semi transparent fabrics are popping up on skirts, dresses and tops over and over!! Many fashion goers are rocking this look with visible bras under their garments, and some daring gals are baring it all- embracing the feminist statement. Not quite there yet? Sheer skirts are also super hot! I’m in love with the see though long black skirts with embroidery detail! #musthave!! This look is so fun and won’t break the bank either! This pink sheer crop top I’m wearing is ultra trendy! The shoulders are accented with pretty detailed ruffles and the length is ideal for pairing with some high wasted leggings without showing my midriff.

Sheer fabrics were faced with a love/hate hertle when re-entering the fashion world. Some say the see through needs to go while others, like me, are filling their closets full of these light weight fabrics. Trends are the here and now hot looks. Some you may love others you may not fancy. This is one of my favorite aspects about fashion. A women’s style is a reflection of her. Two women can wear the exact same outfit, but pair it differently with: a belt, shoes or use of accessories, making the outfit appear and feel completely different. Likewise, ever notice how easy it is to shop when your in a great mood, well rested or just high on life? Fashion is inspired from all different aspects of your life. It’s a form of art to reflect your soul. Trust your intuition, because only you know what’s purely authentically you. Chose wisely.

Adding to this, my daughter insists on picking her own clothes. Many times we leave the house and she’s wearing a Disney princess dress and rubber boots (her all time favorite, lol). I let her. She’s becoming such a strong minded little girl, and never want her to lose that as she grows up. A great statement, ‘here’s to the strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them,’ (known).

Happy Monday,

Xo Shei






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