Leopard Print Love


Last week we took our first girls trip to our place in SoCal without my husband. My mother-in-law was staying down there for a month, so we cessed the opportunity to have some good girl fun. We are in Southern California every two or three months. We absolutely love it there – I mean who doesn’t love it, we are lucky to say it’s our second home. At 2 years old Victoria has traveled 9 times. #Blessed. Flights seems to be getting easier every time, but I still long for the days when I got to catch some zzz’s on the flight. Can anyone else relate?

I loved this day. We spent our time exploring a few new parks, strolling down the famous El Paso Drive “Rodeo of the desert” and of course our fav thing SHOPPING.

My daughter insists on wearing a princess dress 24/7. Reminiscing with my mom apparently I was the exact same way. I wore my fav Roberto Cavalli scarf on the flight in. She insisted on wearing it as a cape, so this was day 2 with her cape. Mini fashionista!!

This outfit was perfect for the warm California weather. I’m so in love with this top right now. Turtlenecks are big this season. While they are great at creating a sleek and classic silhouette, they sometimes make me feel a bit… well claustrophobic and a tad unflattering. This top was a great solution!! Pairing the turtkeneck with a cold-shoulder cut creates a edgy and trendy look. Try it out! #chic

My daughter picked out these fun shoes when we were Christmas shopping and I had to have them! We both love leopard print!! The boots are textured and platforms style, they helped to spice up my black and black outfit perfectly!

Arriving in the desert to the beautiful sunshine, I’d have to say today was one for the books!

Sparkle on! Enjoy your day!

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